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Ticket System 1.0.7

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About Ticket System

Ticket System - Made by Murder#0845

Bot Features

➤ Fully customisable - See config below.

➤ Custom Prefix - Able to supply a custom prefix to your preference.

➤ Custom Bot Status - Able to supply a custom bot status to suit your server, for example: "Watching Tickets" or "Example.com".

➤ Logging - Bot is able to log actions, mainly to do with tickets.

➤ Transcript generations - Generation of transcripts on ticket closed, which is sent to the users DM's and your archive channel that's supplied in the config.json.

➤ Unlimited ticket subjects - No limit on ticket subjects, as long as there in the config they will be in the ticket panel.

➤ Unlimited staff roles - Unlimited amount of staff roles, which can also be different depending on the ticket subject.

➤ Unlimited questions - No limit on the amount of questions that the bot can ask users on ticket creations.

➤ Close timer - Supply a custom timer for the bot to wait after the close button has been pressed, this will also trigger a message where you are able to cancel closing the ticket.

➤ Custom Panel Message - Able to customize the title and description to the panel embed.

➤ Support for multiple panel messages - To send a new panel just edit the config and run the "stm" command.

➤ Dropdown menu - New capability's with Discord.py 2.0 Select Menus.

➤ Custom emojis per subject in dropdown menu - Able to supply a different emojis for each ticket subject in the dropdown / select menu.

➤ Notify if user leaves while ticket is open - The bot will send a message in the ticket if the user has left the sever while the ticket is open, just a QOL thing to help staff answer tickets and move on more efficiently.



➤ Close - Close the ticket that the command is sent in. Chat and Slash command capabilities.

➤ Save - No matter the channel, save the transcript of the current channel and get an immediate file and link to view it. Chat and Slash command capabilities.

➤ Rename - Rename the current channel (Note: this works on any channel not just ticket channels). Chat and Slash command capabilities.

➤ Add - Add a user to the current ticket. Chat and Slash command capabilities.

➤ Remove - Opposite to the "Add" command, remove someone from the current ticket. Chat and Slash command capabilities.

➤ Help - Display the help message which shows all commands and how to use slash commands. Chat and Slash command capabilities.

➤ Stm - Stands for "Send Ticket Message". This command will send a ticket message depending on what is in the config.json. Only chat command capabilities.

➤ Sync - Sync the Slash commands for the bot. Only chat command capabilities. Note: this should only need to be used on the first time the bot is used.



    "Bot Token": "",
    "Enable Notify On User Leave If User Has Ticket Open": true,
    "Enable Auto Ping User On Staff Response": true,
    "Server Name": "",
    "Guild ID": "",
    "Prefix": "",
    "Bot Presence": "",
    "Server Icon": "",
    "Archive Channel": "",
    "Logging Channel": "",
    "Global Staff Role": "",
    "Channel Rename Permission Role ID": "",
    "Ticket Close Timer In Seconds": "",
    "Embed Colour WITHOUT THE # AND 0x INFRONT": "",
    "New Ticket Embed Message": "EXAMPLE: Welcome to our ticket support! Please answer the questions below and a staff member can assist you!",
    "Panel Message": {
        "Title": "EXAMPLE: Ticket Support",
        "Description": "EXAMPLE: Click an option below which most fits your case and a member of staff will be with you shortly."
    "Subjects": {
        "Subject Name": {
            "Staff Role ID/Ticket Access Role ID List":["ID","ID"],
            "Subject Category ID": "ID",
            "Subject Emoji": "<:EMOJI_NAME:EMOJI_ID> USE CUSTOM EMOJIS",
            "Enable Questions? (SET THIS TO FALSE IF THERE ARE NO QUESTIONS)": true,
                "Example":"What is your example?"
        "EXAMPLE": {
            "Staff Role ID/Ticket Access Role ID List": ["123","456"],
            "Subject Category ID": "123",
            "Subject Emoji": "<:emoji:123>",
            "Enable Questions? (SET THIS TO FALSE IF THERE ARE NO QUESTIONS)": true,
            "Questions": {
                "Exmaple:": "What is your example?",
                "Steam ID:": "What is your Steam ID?"



This bot is super simple to set up, simply follow these steps:

➤ Upload all files in "Murder Ticket System.zip" to your bots hosting.

➤ Fill out details in the config,json file.

➤ Turn the bot on (If your using online hosting, press "Start")

➤ Enjoy the bot 😁

Support Notice

If you need support I more than welcome you to reach out to me on discord. My discord is: Murder#0845 and I am open for any questions or inquiries!

Thank you for reading this description and I hope that you enjoy!
Note: I will always be constantly updating and developing this bot, if you find any bugs or have any feature requests, feel free to DM me on discord (Murder#0845).

- Murder

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