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About Applications Free

Bot Features

➤ Custom panel embed title and description - Customise the embeds for your server

➤ Reply commands - Use this to do functions like accepting a user or telling them some other information about there application all through the bot to there DM's

➤ Toggleable help command - Enable and disable the help command to be able to use other bots slash commands while running the same bot client/token

➤ Easy to use sendpanel command - Able to generate multiple application panels.

➤ Overview message to send/cancel - Option to send or cancel applicationn during and once completed.

➤ Application logging - Logging of general events



 Fill out the config.json file and make sure your hosting is configured to run python, make sure your bot has all Discord intents enabled on the developers panel (Which is how you can create your Discord Bot).

Use the OAuth Section and the URL Generator to create a link to invite your discord bot to your server, make sure that it has applications.commands and bot enabled, and that the permissions are set to Administrator. 

Take note that when configuring the emojis, you must use Discord Custom emojis which you can add by uploading them to your discord server. To get the <name:ID:> format needed for the bot you can type a backslash (\) followed directly by the emoji. 

Support Notice

If you need support I more than welcome you to reach out to me on discord. My discord is: murderdev and I am open for any questions or inquiries!

Thank you for reading this description and I hope that you enjoy!
Note: I will always be constantly updating and developing this bot, if you find any bugs or have any feature requests

ays be constantly updating and developing this bot, if you find any bugs or have any feature requests, feel free to DM me on discord (Murder#0845).

- Murder


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