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  1. Steenamaroo's post in Lower Extra Loot Chance? was marked as the answer   
    I have a plugin called CustomLoot which can handle the various types of barrel.
    The setup takes a little getting used to but for your purposes you'd just make a loot table that has "Resources" have probability 1, and "Scrap" (within resources) probability 1.
    With everything else being zero, as it would be from default, your barrels will now contain nothing but scrap.
    You can alter the min/max amounts too and if you ever want to add in any other possible loot that's easy enough to dial in.
  2. Steenamaroo's post in Console 'Spawn To Player' Added? was marked as the answer   
    I didn't see this in general support. @mcoulter876
    That was not added to 2.1.1 but will be in 2.1.2.
  3. Steenamaroo's post in BotSpawn - Bots and NPCs are ignoring each other... was marked as the answer   
    You're doing nothing wrong. BotSpawn NPCs don't attack animals or APCs.
  4. Steenamaroo's post in BotSpawn Chainsaw has no Sound... was marked as the answer   
    It is. BotSpawn only really supports held melee weapons and regular bullet weapons.
    Anything else is iffy.
  5. Steenamaroo's post in Murderers Not Spawning was marked as the answer   
    You've got AutoSpawn false for all four biomes. That would need to be true.
    No, Kits are optional.
    The murderer prefab started spawning naked a while back - I presume that's still the case? Not sure.
    Either way, I made BotSpawn give them the scarecrow outfit if no Kit is specified.
  6. Steenamaroo's post in BotSpawn Bots not shooting arrows. was marked as the answer   
    Q: What weapons can my bots use?
    A: I recommend sticking to basic bullet-weapons, hand tools and melee weapons.
    Bows have worked on and off over the years but they were never recommended or officially supported.
  7. Steenamaroo's post in BotSpawn: bots keep attacking HumanNPC was marked as the answer   
    @[email protected] - This is tested.
  8. Steenamaroo's post in Bots still killed by BradleyAPC even with "APC_Safe": true was marked as the answer   
    Most likely they're getting run over.
    It's something I've been meaning to look at.
  9. Steenamaroo's post in Bot's are despawning to slow when night starts was marked as the answer   
    It's no problem. I'll add a global config option for Staggered_Despawn in the next update.
  10. Steenamaroo's post in Compatibility with DeathNotes was marked as the answer   
    Not seeing a problem here with BotSpawn 2.0.8 and DeathNotes 6.3.5.
  11. Steenamaroo's post in Navmesh problems with THE EARTH- APOCALPYSE was marked as the answer   
    Keirox's previous bundled files were for an out-of-date BotSpawn and some changes (Bots is now Day_Time_Spawn_Amount) would be needed to make it work with current version but, other than that, his bundled spawn points should work just fine.
    If a handful of them are too far away from Navmesh that's either an oversight on his part or the result of recent stricter water checks in BotSpawn.
    Either way you should be able to just manually move the ones which aren't good.
    If you create a spawn point in, or move one to, an no-good location, current BotSpawn will print a message to chat to say something like
    'consider moving this point or enabling Stationary option', so at least you don't have to keep reloading to check if you've fixed it.
  12. Steenamaroo's post in Examples of How/Additions to SET this up...Please! was marked as the answer   
    Hi TheEye,
    I'm planning to do a basic setup video soon, and include some example loottables with the download,
    but, for now, here is some info.

    /config/CustomLoot.json contains all the 'container' categories that CustomLoot can modify.
    For the containers you want to change you need to specify a loot table name.
    If a loottable/file of that name doesn't exist, CustomLoot will create it when you reload.
    You can use the same loottable for multiple container types, or make each container type have its own loot table.
    That's up to you.
    Example - 
    "Murderer": { "enabled": true, "lootTable": "MurdererLootTable", "maxItems": 1, "minItems": 1, "gunsWithAmmo": false, "noGuns": false, "MaxBps": 3, "MinWeaponCondition": 50, "MaxWeaponCondition": 50, "ClearContainerFirst": true }

    With that ^ set up, and the plugin reloaded, you now have /data/CustomLoot/MurdererLootTable.json.

    Open that.
    There's two stage probability here. The scale is relative - You make it up.
    All Item categories are listed then, further down, all the items in each category are listed.
    You need to set probability greater than one for at least one category and, also, for at least one item with that category.

    "Weapon": { "probability": 1, "allowBlueprints": true } and
    "Weapon": { "bone.club": { "probability": 2, "maxStack": 1, "minStack": 1, "blueprintChancePercent": 50, "skins": [] }, "bow.compound": { "probability": 1, "maxStack": 1, "minStack": 1, "blueprintChancePercent": 50, "skins": [] }, ///etc
    With this set up your murderer corpses will have one item of loot in them.
    That item will be a bone club or a compound bow, with bone club being 2X more common than the bow.

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