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BotSpawn: bots keep attacking HumanNPC



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Nah, still attacking. I'm using Human NPC (0.3.43) and Quests (2.3.2). 

Maybe add a tracing info or something? I want to help, but don't know how 🙂


P.S. also, can you please tell me, why when I add Chainsaw in murderers kit, they make 0 noise when using it? The whole idea was to make them more scary with that sound and when it's muted feels like something is broken...

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15 hours ago, Steenamaroo said:

The chainsaws aren't really supported. I recommend bullet and non-throwable melee weapons only.
Others may work but if they don't they don't.

Ok, I see, but, please, if you will have a chance to unmute chainsaw somehow - it would be very nice improvement. It works like it should, by the way, just totally muted.

Thanks for your great work! Really love your plugins.

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I'm not sure I have control over that but I'll take a look some time.

I made a choice a long time ago not to play with troublesome weapons, partly because a lot of it was outside of my control and partly because the AI was constantly changing at that time.
I didn't want to get into a pattern of having to regularly fix up janky rocket/arrow/flamethrower fixing code.

If there's a simple way to make the sound effects happen I'll certainly do it but I just wanted to give you a bit of background as to why I drew a line at bullet/melee weapons.

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