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Lower Extra Loot Chance?

Flatbutt McGee


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but my brain has stopped working.

I'm looking to lower the chance of extra loot being dropped along with scrap when a barrel is broken.

The only stuff I can find so far is to increase the ammount of resources you can gather, which aint what i'm looking for.

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I have a plugin called CustomLoot which can handle the various types of barrel.

The setup takes a little getting used to but for your purposes you'd just make a loot table that has "Resources" have probability 1, and "Scrap" (within resources) probability 1.
With everything else being zero, as it would be from default, your barrels will now contain nothing but scrap.

You can alter the min/max amounts too and if you ever want to add in any other possible loot that's easy enough to dial in.


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