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Examples of How/Additions to SET this up...Please!



One or 2 different examples of how other Loots can be setup for specific Containers would be appreciated. I would like to add Just my Heli crates. Or the Blue Barrels, #1 Junkpile, Elite Crate and so on....There are only 2 lists offered and they are not "Specific". For each Container. You say we can Customize. But not everyone understands your work. Or how it works. But I am learning. Just a "Template of sorts for us to work with and SEE how and where they should go. And how you want it to go in there. To understand it Better. And USE it to the fullest! The way you designed it. I need to know/learn how to setup categories or List's or whatever I need to use this. I wish to Customize each Crate and Barrel. From Air Drops to Heli and Bradley Crates or Food Crates. I would like to Replace the one I am using now. It allows everything to be customized. Including every crate and barrel. Can you show me how to do that with this one please? Just the Set Up? Then I can see it, and continue on my own to add/customize them all myself....Thank you to anyone that could please help. Just an Example is all I need. I can figure the rest out...lolo     Thanks;     Dave


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Hi TheEye,

I'm planning to do a basic setup video soon, and include some example loottables with the download,
but, for now, here is some info.

/config/CustomLoot.json contains all the 'container' categories that CustomLoot can modify.
For the containers you want to change you need to specify a loot table name.
If a loottable/file of that name doesn't exist, CustomLoot will create it when you reload.

You can use the same loottable for multiple container types, or make each container type have its own loot table.
That's up to you.

Example - 

    "Murderer": {
      "enabled": true,
      "lootTable": "MurdererLootTable",
      "maxItems": 1,
      "minItems": 1,
      "gunsWithAmmo": false,
      "noGuns": false,
      "MaxBps": 3,
      "MinWeaponCondition": 50,
      "MaxWeaponCondition": 50,
      "ClearContainerFirst": true

With that ^ set up, and the plugin reloaded, you now have /data/CustomLoot/MurdererLootTable.json.

Open that.
There's two stage probability here. The scale is relative - You make it up.

All Item categories are listed then, further down, all the items in each category are listed.
You need to set probability greater than one for at least one category and, also, for at least one item with that category.


    "Weapon": {
      "probability": 1,
      "allowBlueprints": true


    "Weapon": {
      "bone.club": {
        "probability": 2,
        "maxStack": 1,
        "minStack": 1,
        "blueprintChancePercent": 50,
        "skins": []
      "bow.compound": {
        "probability": 1,
        "maxStack": 1,
        "minStack": 1,
        "blueprintChancePercent": 50,
        "skins": []

With this set up your murderer corpses will have one item of loot in them.
That item will be a bone club or a compound bow, with bone club being 2X more common than the bow.

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I know I can add and customize. But just don't know the way it's done. But the {  {,  and listing Catagories for all the Containers....I have no Clue..   Thanks

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