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Bot's are despawning to slow when night starts



  "DataPrefix": "default",
  "Global": {
    "DayStartHour": 8,
    "NightStartHour": 20,
    "NPCs_Attack_BotSpawn": false,
    "HTNs_Attack_BotSpawn": false,
    "BotSpawn_Attacks_NPCs": false,
    "APC_Safe": true,
    "Turret_Safe": false,
    "Animal_Safe": true,
    "Supply_Enabled": false,
    "Remove_BackPacks_Percent": 100,
    "Remove_KeyCard": true,
    "Ignore_HumanNPC": true,
    "Ignore_HTN": true,
    "Ignore_Sleepers": true,
    "Pve_Safe": false,
    "Max_Chute_Wind_Speed": 100,
    "Max_Chute_Fall_Speed": 100

This is my config. I guess NightStartHour there for bot's being despawned at that time? Well, they are despawned, but one hour later. What is the point in this? Like, if I want them to be despawned in 20, I need to set NightStartHour option to 19 (-1 hour)? Tested and it seems to work, so what is the purpose of this delay?

"BotSpawn" (2.1.0) by Steenamaroo (1.68s) - BotSpawn.cs


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There's a check for population/time of day every 10 seconds and npcs are killed off one at a time.
That means if you have 5 npcs for day and 1 for night and night time is 20 hours, it might be 20:40 before you reach population of 1.


The reason for this is just so multiple npcs don't suddenly vanish all at once.

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Please, don't get me wrong, I'm not here to complain/be rude, or something, I just can't get the logic in this one. Isn't prediction is desired or even has a high priority in configuration of the server? If I set the time of night, what I'm trying to achieve? I guess despawn of bots. So why shouldn't they just vanish all at once, so I could say to players "bot's go to sleep at 20:00 feel safe after that time". With this strange logic (from point of view of predicion) I can't predict nothing and I can only say to players "I guess between 20:00 and 21:00 they should go to sleep" and feels like I can't control settings like I need to. Can you, please, add an option, like "spawn/despawn all bots the same time" or "number of spawn/despawn bots at a time (tick)" or something?
And of course thanks for your hard work and free acces to those great plugins!

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It doesn't matter much to me whether they despawn gradually or all at once.
I just thought gradual would have been preferred by most so that a large chunk of population doesn't suddenly vanish to any players who happen to be in the area.

I'll add a global option for instant despawn in the next update.

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