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Compatibility with DeathNotes



Hi, I use DeathNotes and BotSpawn on my server together and all has been working well but recently there was an option for instant kill via headshot to the bots, which is great! But when I enable it and someone gets a headshot kill on a BotSpawn bot, DeathNotes no longer gives me a proper result for the kill.

Usually I get who killed who with what weapon in what body part over whatever distance. It still works when you kill the bot in any other body part but the head but when you insta-kill headshot them it comes up with the description for "*" when it can't figure out what type of kill it is. Something like "Player killed Launch Site Bot. Don't know how, just did!"

I asked in the DeathNotes help forum, and someone responded with:

"That'll likely have to be fixed in BotSpawn. BotSpawn needs to specify the correct information for the kill, otherwise DeathNotes doesn't know what to do."

.. which seems about right.


Could you please update your plugin to specify the information required by DeathNotes?

Thanks in advance, and hey mate - great plugin! Keep up the good work!


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