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Rats PVP Arena 1.0.0

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About Rats PVP Arena

so this is a recreation of the CSGO rats map where everything is scaled up to roughly 28x scale

there are several paths in the walls, cabinets, fridge

render range and colliders have been taken into account for every prefab (if you want to add more to the map keep in mind the majority of the items the colliders when scaled up work poorly in a pvp env)

there is some loot 1 on a rat trap (that will kill them if they arent careful) and some hidden in the sink that they will have to pass above a shredder that will kill them if they fall

the arena is pretty large but not too big for a pvp area

i suggest placing this either underground or way up in the sky because its a massive prefab that isnt very pretty to look at from the exterior (if your service ceiling is lower then 1k i would place it between 3-4k 4k being the hard limit) its not intended to be able to enter/exit by physically walking so you will need to add ports to it


there is no guide with this prefab as its pretty self explanatory and all of the critical info has been listed here feel free to message me for more info


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