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Doc's Glass Tunnel Boat System Hdrp Ready 1.0.0


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About Doc's Glass Tunnel Boat System Hdrp Ready

Welcome to Doc's Glass Tunnel Boat system, this is a custom above ground tunnel system that is patrolled by scientist. This prefab comes in 14 different parts/sections and you must assemble it yourself.



  • There is a shop where you can buy a boat at the docking stations or you can walk the tunnels by foot
  • 1 recycler at the stations
  • Loads of loot inside the tunnels
  • You can walk and build underneath the tunnels 

Easy to install Fully Customizable. you can design your own path. Also comes with a map with the system set up in one 

Prefab Count per piece

  • Station T 716
  • Station L 597
  • Cross shape 524
  • L Shape 264
  • T Shape 335
  • Straight 100
  • Straight no npc 98

If you have any problems you can contact discord



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