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About WelcomeConsole Premium

A plugin that allows your server to send messages in a fancy way!

Why this plugin instead the FREE ones? You're probably asking yourself.
So let me explain it in short.


If you have 2 or more plugins with the same ability to display a message when a player joins your server, they can conflict, aka: failing to print message to chat and gives you a nice error in RCON.

But if you have only 1 plugin that can do what 2 or more plugins can, then there would be no conflicts.
Also, it frees you from conflict errors printed to RCON & boosts server performance!


Compatible with Better Chat (and side mods), Coloured Chat, Chat Prefix, Admin Chat and morethat are not based on greeting players.

NOTE: If you're using an another plugin that uses the same hooks as this plugin does
(ex. when a player connects, then it displays a message), there can be some conflicts between the two!
If you're expriencing that, please remove the other plugin and test if it works after the removal. Thank you!

If you have the FREE WelcomeConsole and the WelcomeConsole Premium, please proceed to remove the FREE one in order to work properly!


Welcome Message
Broadcast Message
Greet Admins

🔩 Config file (by default)
NOTE: {0} = {player.Name} | {1} = {player.Country} | {2} = {player.Continent}

  "Console": {
    "Enable Welcome Console Message": true,
    "Welcome": "<size=30><color=#ffff00>Welcome to</color> <color=#00ffa2>My Server Name</color></size>",
    "Server Description": "<size=12><color=#ffffff>This is the server description.\n- 2x gather rate\n- custom monuments\n- For more info, go to: discord.gg/mylink</color></size>",
    "GLHF / Endline": "<size=10><color=#ffffaa>Good Luck & Have Fun!</color></size>"
  "Chat": {
    "Enable Welcome Message": true,
    "Enable Chat Message": true,
    "Chat Message (When Player Connects)": "Press <color=orange>F1</color> to view the information about the server.",
    "Enable Welcome Broadcast": true,
    "Broadcast Message (When Player Connects)": "<color=orange>{0}</color> connected",
    "Enable Farewell Broadcast": false,
    "Broadcast Message (When Player Disconnects)": "<color=orange>{0}</color> disconnected",
    "Chat Icon (Steam64ID, use 0 to set as default)": 76561199163635223,
    "Prefix": "<color=orange>[</color>WelcomeConsole<color=orange>]</color>"
  "Admin": {
    "Enable Greet Admins": true,
    "Require Permission": false,
    "Chat Message": "<color=#acfa58>{0}</color> is here to give you anxiety."
  "Country": {
    "Show Player's Country (When Player Connects)": true,
    "Show Player's Continent (When Player Connects)": true,
    "Broadcast with Country": "<color=orange>{0}</color> connected <color=orange>[</color>{1}<color=orange>]</color>",
    "Broadcast with Continent": "<color=orange>{0}</color> <color=orange>[</color>{1}<color=orange>]</color>",
    "Broadcast with Country & Continent": "<color=orange>{0}</color> <color=orange>[</color>{1}/{2}<color=orange>]</color>"
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 2,
    "Patch": 2

🚫 Permissions

permission: wcp_greet.admin

Under "Admin"{
"Require Permission" = false,
Enabled - Greet admins, who have permission granted.
Disabled - Greet every admin.

💡 Examples what you can change in the .json (config) file & in the .cs (plugin) file.

Change the text's color
<color=orange>This is a text</color>
"This is a text" will be orange.
<color=orange>This is</color> <color=green>a text</color>
"This is" will be orange while "a text" will be green.

Change the text's size
<size=20>This is a text</size>
"This is a text" size will be 20.
- You can use it with coloring too.

This is\na text
"This is"
"a text" will be shown.

(For easier formatting: https://onlinestringtools.com/escape-string)


❔ Questions & Answers

I want to change the text coloring, but I can't change it in the config file.
You can change every text in the config file. (support above)

But if you find something you can't change, then you can freely edit it in the .cs file (the plugin itself).
Hit Ctrl + F to find the text you want to change.
(If you find something like that, please report it, thank you!)

Why premium instead FREE? Will be the FREE version continued?
1. The premium plugin allows you to display where the player came from! {country} & {continent}
2. I'm focusing more on my premium plugins than my FREE plugins.
3. Premium plugins has more features.
4. I'm taking requests (on my Discord server), that can be implemented into my premium plugins!

5. Yes the FREE version are going to be continued, but as I said:


I'm focusing more on my premium plugins than my FREE plugins.

My old config file is corrupted, what can I do?
First thing first, save the config, if you want to keep the editings.
Then delete the old config file and reload the plugin. (o.reload WelcomeConsolePremium)

Join my Discord server to request features & for more help!

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