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Teleportation 1.0.4

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About Teleportation

Why this plugin?
- Flexible setup
- Support for plugin performance
- Sethoma installation is carried out along with the installation of a sleeping bag
- The CD for teleportation directly depends on the CD of the sleeping bag
- The teleportation time may depend on the distance between point A and point B (optional)
- 3D text on the place of the sleeping bag with the display of the cooldown. You must be authorized in the cabinet to see this inscription
- Beautiful graphical interface (it will also be finalized / some nuances will be redone)
- Localization both in Russian and in English, for English speakers on your server

I also accept ideas for finalizing this plugin! Let's make a sweet of it with all the necessary functionality😉

Team Chat
- /tpr "nickname / steamid player" - send a request for teleportation
- /tpa - accept teleport request
- /tpc - cancel teleportation
- /sethome "house name" - save the location of the house
- /home "house name" - teleport to the location of the house
- /removehome "house name" - remove the location of the house

Admin Team Chat
- /tp "nickname / steamid player" - teleport to the player
- /tp "nickname / steamid of player1" "nickname / steamid of player2" - teleport player1 to player2
- /tp "x" "y" "z" - teleport by coordinates

Sorry for the video in Russian😔



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