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NPCGifts 1.0.2

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About NPCGifts

Simple plugin that will spawn a gift for your players when a npc is killed 

player cooldown can be configured to suit your server

chance of the gift to be spawn can be configured per each gift 

each gift can be enabled/disabled in the config

default config is set up with 3 Christmas themed gifts, but you can change these to your liking or add more

Personalised message to the player when the gift is spawned, supports 2 placeholders   {player.name} & {server.name}

Unlooted gifts will despawn after 5 minutes or on plugin unload 



  "ContainerReceivedMessage": " :santahat: Merry Christmas <color=#4A95CC>{player.name}</color> from <color=#4A95CC>{server.name}</color> :santahat:",
  "Containers": [
      "IsEnabled": true,
      "Permission": "npcgifts.example1",
      "Prefab": "assets/prefabs/misc/xmas/sleigh/presentdrop.prefab",
      "SpawnChance": 0.5
      "IsEnabled": true,
      "Permission": "npcgifts.example2",
      "Prefab": "assets/prefabs/missions/portal/proceduraldungeon/xmastunnels/loot/xmastunnellootbox.prefab",
      "SpawnChance": 0.5
      "IsEnabled": true,
      "Permission": "npcgifts.example3",
      "Prefab": "assets/prefabs/misc/xmas/giftbox/giftbox_loot.prefab",
      "SpawnChance": 0.5
  "CooldownDurationMinutes": 60.0


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