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The plugin is not working at the moment. If it's possible, I'll fix it in the future.

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About No Recoil

At the moment, the plugin does not work with the new recoil!

Installing the plugin removes the recoil from rapid-fire weapons!

It is also possible to increase the number of cartridges in the clip.

Works on all weapons that are listed in config!!
If you take away permissions from the user. Then his weapons will become normal!
It is possible to increase the magazine of cartridges but no more than 1000
You can also adjust the percentage of return, thereby changing it.
Also, improved weapons can be given a prefix
There is a lang file
Everything can be configured in the config file

/nrg ShortName – Give yourself improved weapons! Permission needed (NoRecoil.admin)
/nr – When you enter this command, the modification is disabled for your weapon that is in your hands. If you enter it again, you can turn it back on
Permission needed (NoRecoil.admin or NoRecoil.ShortName (NoRecoil.rifle.ak))
/nrg Steam64ID/Nick ShortName – The team issues improved weapons to the player on the server Permission needed (User must have permission to use – NoRecoil.ShortName (NoRecoil.rifle.ak))


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