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Miner Hat Refuel 0.3.2

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About Miner Hat Refuel

Miner Hat Refuel

This plugin enhances the gameplay experience by introducing a refueling mechanism for Miner's Hats and Candle Hats in Rust. Players can use the /refuel command to replenish the fuel in their hats, ensuring they have a steady supply of light and warmth.

Player Chat Commands:

/refuel: Refuels the Miner's Hat or Candle Hat the player is wearing. Requires the appropriate permission (MinerHatFuel.refuel). The hats will be refueled with 100 low-grade fuel.


MinerHatFuel.refuel: Permission is Required to use the /refuel command.


The Miner Hat Refuel plugin allows players to easily refuel their Miner's Hats and Candle Hats. These hats provide valuable light and warmth, but they require fuel to function effectively. With this plugin, players can ensure that their hats always have enough fuel by using the /refuel command. Once the command is executed, the hats will be refueled with 100 low-grade fuel Unfortunately the candle hat Only handles 40 low-grade fuel For the moment there is no way to adjust the amount of low grade fuel but it, allowing players to continue exploring dark areas or staying warm in cold environments.

The plugin implements a cooldown system to prevent abuse of the refueling feature. Players must wait for the cooldown period to elapse before refueling their hats again. The duration of the cooldown can be configured in the plugin's settings.

To enhance the gameplay experience, the plugin includes a refuel sound effect and visual feedback when the hats are refueled. Players will receive a chat message notifying them that their hats have been refueled, and the sound effect will play at their location.

The plugin supports both Miner's Hats and Candle Hats. If a player is wearing either hat, the refuel command will work accordingly. The hats will be refueled simultaneously, ensuring that players have a consistent fuel supply for their light and warmth needs.

Please note that appropriate permissions are required to use the refuel command. Players must have the MinerHatFuel.refuel permission assigned to them.

Enjoy the convenience of refueling your hats with MinerHatFuel and continue your adventures in Rust with confidence and illumination!

  "AdminNote": "You can edit the Cool.down.Duration.Minutes here and change the sound effect.",
  "CooldownDurationMinutes": 60,
  "RefuelSoundEffect": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/gestures/drink_generic.prefab"

This is a great Website if you want to change the sound effects -----> https://github.com/OrangeWulf/Rust-Docs/blob/master/Extended/Effects.md


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