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Random Teleport 1.0.0

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About Random Teleport


RandomTeleport Rust Plugin


The RandomTeleport plugin allows admins on a Rust server to teleport to a random player. It provides a simple command that can be used by admins to teleport to a random player's location.


  • Teleport admins to a random player on the server.

  • Permission system to control who can use the teleport command.

  • Notifications displayed to the admin about the teleportation process.



  1. Make sure you have the Oxide framework installed on your Rust server. If not, follow the instructions provided by Oxide to set it up.

  2. Download the RandomTeleport.cs file.

  3. Place the RandomTeleport.cs file into the server's oxide/plugins directory.

  4. Restart the Rust server or use the Oxide command to load the plugin (oxide.load RandomTeleport.cs).


  • Only admins or players with the randomteleport.use permission can use the teleport command.

  • To teleport to a random player, use the command /tr in the game chat.

  • After executing the command, you will be teleported to a random player's location.

  • A notification will be displayed indicating the teleportation and the target player's name.

  • If no players are found on the server, a notification will be displayed indicating that no players are available to teleport to.



  • randomteleport.use - Allows players to use the teleport command.

Configuration (Optional)

  • The RandomTeleport plugin does not have any configuration options.


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