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20 JunkPile Decoration 2 1.0.0

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About 20 JunkPile Decoration 2

Rust Junk Decorations 2 Prefab – an exciting addition for players seeking to infuse their Rust environment with a touch of authenticity and character.
This versatile prefab offers an array of weathered and enigmatic items, 
from rusted barrels to discarded machinery, which can be strategically placed to embellish your base or surroundings. 
Whether you're aiming to create a post-apocalyptic ambiance or simply add intrigue to your in-game setting, these meticulously crafted decorations provide endless opportunities for customization and creativity. 
Transform your virtual space into a captivating and immersive backdrop, using the Rust Junk Decorations 2 Prefab to evoke a sense of desolation and industrial beauty. With the ability to arrange and combine these items as 
you see fit, you can effortlessly infuse your Rust experience with a unique and compelling visual narrative. Elevate your surroundings with the Rust Junk Decorations 2 Prefab – the essential tool for expressing 
your individuality and enhancing your in-game environment.

Entry-level monument;
Great detail;
Simple installing;
recycler 0;
Optimized FPS.

General info:
Prefabs count: 2634;
Type: for looting;
Modifiers: Height&Splat&Topology.

Barrels: 16;
food crate: 2;
Random crates: 1;
Ammo Crate: 10;

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