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Bar Shelf Decoration 1.0.0

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About Bar Shelf Decoration

For a Rust-themed bar shelf decoration, one idea would be to display items related to monument. On three separate shelves, arrange the red card, green card, and blue card used to open monument doors. These cards are crucial items in the game, so showcasing them would be a great homage to Rust players. On another shelf, place a vintage-style radio that can be turned on and tuned to various stations, adding an interactive element to the decor. Finally, on the remaining shelves, install musical Rust eggs that make sound when opened. These eggs are unique features in the game, so showcasing them would add a playful and quirky touch to the bar's ambiance. Overall, this bar shelf decoration would be a fun and interactive way to pay tribute to Rust's essential items and add an entertaining element to the bar experience.

Entry-level monument;
Great detail;
Simple installing;
recycler 0;
Optimized FPS.

General info:
Prefabs count: 796;
Type: for looting;
Modifiers: Height&Splat&Topology.

tools crat:  4;
food crate: 3;
Random crates: 3;
Cards: 3;

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