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Rusty Valley Store 1.0.0

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About Rusty Valley Store


Rusty Valley Store is a small, rundown shop located in the heart of Rust. 
Despite its dilapidated appearance, the store offers a range of useful items for players. 
Inside, you will find a recycling bin that can be used to break down unwanted items 
into useful resources. The store also has a level one workbench for crafting 
basic items and weapons. Additionally, you may find a small oil refinery tucked away
in a corner of the store, which can be used to refine crude oil into useful fuel. 
Finally, scattered throughout the store, you will find random crates and barrels to loot, 
which may contain valuable resources, such as scrap metal, components, and ammunition. 
If you're passing through Rust, be sure to stop by the store and see what treasures you can find.

Entry-level monument;
Great detail;
Simple installing;
recycler 1;
Optimized FPS.

General info:
Prefabs count: 855;
Type: for looting;
Modifiers: Height&Splat&Topology.

Barrels:  17;
Med crate: 0;
Random crates: 5;
tool crate: 1;

1 Workbench Level 1

2 Small Oil Refinery

3 recycler

4 research table

5 repair bench

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