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About Rusty Salvage Shop

Rusty Salvage Shop, has 3 recycler to convert scrap metal into useful materials, 
a research table to learn new crafting recipes, and a refinery to process crude oil into usable fuel. 
Rusty Salvage Shop also provides a safe zone where players can engage in trade and socialize with other players without 
the risk of being attacked by hostile NPCs or other players and has all the vending machines you will ever need.

Entry-level monument;
Great detail;
Simple installing;
recycler 3;
Optimized FPS.

General info:
Prefabs count: 963;
Type: for looting;
Modifiers: Height & Splat & Topology.

Barrels:  16;
Med crate: 0;
Random crates: 9;
Crate Elite: 0;

1.vending machines building hapis

2.vending machines buyres hapis

3.vending machines food hapis

4.vending machines hapis farming

5.vending machines hapis 

6.vending machines attire

7.vending machines building

8.vending machines components

9.vending machines resouces

10.vending machines tools

11.vending machines vehicles

12.vending machines vehicles high

13.vending machines weapons

14. Airwolf helicopter spawner shop

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