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Kings & Mercs 1.1

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About Kings & Mercs


A simple plugin that  randomly sets one player as the "King" and another as the "Mercenary", players in server will be notified of who obtained these roles.

- King gets a health increase of 200%                      - Mercenary gets a damage increase of 200%

When a player kills either the King or Mercenary they will obtain the title and buff, but a player cannot be both. If either kill the other a new player at random is chosen

to take on the role along with a server notification of the player name and new role.

If the player with a role has not died after an hour a new player is chosen to take on the role.


Chat Command:

- "/checkroles" - Gives an update on who the current King and Merc are.

Config Access:

Change these variables to desired amounts for a more personalised experience



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