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Loot Breaker 1.0.1

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About Loot Breaker


This plugin adds an additional twist to PVP within monuments by giving items within player inventories a chance to perma break on death meaning the looter might not

get that shiny gun they were hoping to get. Each monument has a tier structure and the tiers break chance % can be modified to suit your playstyle , or if there are certain

items you dont want to be apart of the item table you can add them to the white list.

# Note - This will only affect items that have a condition/durability bar.


 White listed:

- Option to set up a white list that disregards items placed into list that have a condition (shortnames).

Chat Command:

- "/breakitems" - Test the plugin by breaking every item in your inventory that has a condition.


- "lootbreaker.exempt" - Use this permission if you want exemption from the plugin.


Config Access:

- The break chance is by % , changing these numbers below will set a new % rate for that monument tier.


- Ability to set the monuments register size, currently set at 100m


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