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Prime 1.0.0

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About Prime

About Prime


Hardcore Mode Activation


When hardcore is active a Prime Vending Machine will spawn at Out Post allowing Prime players access to Prime Items to earn Prime Coins and Buffs.

Players will only be able to progress thier Prime accounts by using items purchased from this vending machine, however if hardcore is not active.. players are free to use normal items

and weapons to progress accounts and still have lottery active. With hardcore set to 'false' there is no vending machine, no items and no HOF.. you will also not be able to aquire stones.





Stones: Requires Green Berries

With each tier increase the stones provide a buff in coin yield starting at a base rate of 5% and maxing out at 75%, along with this in the later tiers the stones also provide the

user with a increase in damage output.. however the stone needs to be in your inventory.. so it can be taken from you or lost.

GREEN -[ Emerald I (5%) , Emerald II (10%), Emerald III (15%), Emerald IV (20%), Emerald V (25%) ]

PURPLE - [ Mystic I (30%) , Mystic II (35%) , Mystic III (40%), Mystic IV (45%), Mystic V (50%) ]

RED/BLACK - [ Unstable I (55%), Unstable II (60%), Unstable III (65%), Unstable IV (70%), Unstable V  (75%) ]

Fusion : In order to create the next type of stone youll need x2 Tier 5 Stones

The higher the type and tier of the stone the more likely of a failure will occur in ther proccess resulting in the stones exploding..and you losing them..having to restart the process again.


Config : Setting up Vending costs & Reward System


The config file covers everything from:

 - Prime item costs at the vending maching

- Coins rewarded for each individual task from smashing a barrel to killing an NPC

- Coins rewarded for looting

- Stone Drop Chance

- Amount of Berries required to polish stones

- Personal ID for chat (set to server icon)

- Lottery chance %

Plus much more


Discord - Nferno#7163

Nferno's Collection

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