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Headshot 0.0.3

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About Headshot

During my Halo and COD Days Sniping was extra satisfying where you would get a "MarksMan" Icon on Headshot Kills.

Drag and drop this into your plugins folder, and Headshot Kills will be complimented with a customizable Icon.

Position is easily modifiable.

Icon pops on headshot and Fades away smoothly.


Medal Tracking

Players can use the command /headshots

To view medals they have earned, medals can also be cleared on wipe via config.



  "Headshot Icon": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/szx56bu8zh99hgon258ii/HEADSHOT.png?rlkey=dvf34q6jjeuqntx2o1yad44ns&dl=1",
  "UI Location (top right, top center, top left, center, mid center)": "top left",
   "Clear Medals on Wipe?": false


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