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Floating Text 1.0.1


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About Floating Text

Floating Text offers admins an in-world floating text solution visible to everyone. This is an ideal tool for labeling areas, leaving messages, identifying zones, roleplay solutions, and more, allowing the configuration of text size, color, contents, visibility distance, global performance configurable, and a convenient command to locate and identify floating texts for removal.



<I/O> Getting Started <I/O>



  •  User is required to be admin in order to set, remove and refresh floating text.


  • Place .cs in Plugins Folder

Note to Existing Users:

  • Steps to Install:
  • Remove Lang file in oxide\lang\en\FloatingText
  • Replace FloatingText.cs



  • /addfloatingtext [size] [#RRGGBB] [draw distance] [text] - Create new floating text, setting size, color, draw distance and finally the contents of the message.  
  • /addfloatingtext [duration (minutes) ] [size] [#RRGGBB] [draw distance ] [text] - Create new timed floating text, setting size, color, draw distance, contents and finally the duration  (in Minutes) of the message.  
  • /removefloatingtext [textid] - Remove existing floating text. textID must be the items position in the file. This can be found with the findfloatingtext command.
  • /findfloatingtext - Toggle on/off visual ID and Position identifiers for floating text
  • /refreshfloatingtext - Refreshes edits made directly to floating text json 


Config Explained:

  "General Settings": {
    "Default AddFloatingText position (offset from floor, [X,Y,Z])": { // def spawn offset to adjust height
      "x": 0.0,
      "y": 1.0,
      "z": 0.0
    "Refresh Duration": 1.0, // performance option, how often texts check for players
    "Anti Flicker Duration": 1.0 - performance option, stops texts disappearing for x
  "Chat Settings": {
    "Announces Plugin Load/Unload": true, // If True, plugin will make announcements
    "Chat Tag Enabled": true, //if enabled, floating text chat tag will function
    "Chat Tag Color": "4A95CC", //configure tag colour
    "Chat Message Color": "C57039" //configure message colour
  "Version: ": {// Change version up to load auto-gen config
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 0

Text Json Explained:

    "Text": "Admin Base", //Contents of floating text message
    "Size": 20.0, //size of text relative ingame
    "Color (#RRGGBB)": "#17B937", //floating text color
    "Position (X,Y,Z)": { //position
      "x": -1076.26892,
      "y": 3.0476594,
      "z": 1706.89893
    "Draw Distance": 20.0, //distance limit where appears to player
    "Time Ends": "2021-05-10T01:51:56.5011901+01:00", //end time of the floating text
    "Is Timed": false //handler bool decides if time is checked or ignred

<I/O> Contacting Us <I/O>

You can Contact us at Our discord: discord.gg/TTb3f3XEhq




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