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Composter Splitter [Smart] 1.0.1

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About Composter Splitter [Smart]

The long awaited...

This is the perfect QoL feature to add to your VIP package (or for free of course) for your players.


The plugin not only splits the inserted compostable items, it also splits the content for the best possible yield per tick.
(For instance: If you put in 10 horse dung, which each produce 10 fertz, and 20 pumpkins, which produces 0.2 fertz, the plugin will put the pumpkins into a single stack and split the dung for the best possible yield.)
And every time new fertilizers are produced, the plugin recalculates the content and splits it if needed.



There's only one permission to use the plugin: 


NOTE: This only works if the items are added from a players inventory (by right clicking or hover looting the items into it). Should the items be added by another plugin or different mechanics it will use the ownerID (the player who deployed it) of the composter to check for permission.


In vanilla, if there is no room for more fertilizers in the composter when new fertilizers are produced it will drop the new fertilizers onto the ground. This plugin will prevent that from happening by simply cancel out the production of new fertilizers if the composter is "full". 


Support is provided on this site as well as on Discord (malm0).

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