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Commands Item 1.0.5

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About Commands Item


Add commands to items. Press Unwrap to run the command.


Effect List: Effects | https://umod.org/plugins/effects-panel 


  "General Settings": {
    "Prefix": "<color=#5892bf>[Commands-Item]</color>\n",
    "SteamID": 0,
    "Commands": "ci",
    "Unwrap Item (shortname | Only Unwrap and Crack are available.)": "xmas.present.large"
  "Item Settings": {
    "2814909703": {
      "Display Name": "Commands Item Red",
      "Commands": [
        "say $player.name This is a Red Test Item!"
      "Message on use (leave blank for no message)": "You used the Red Item!",
      "Cooldown (0 for disable - ※second※)": 0
    "2814909872": {
      "Display Name": "Take 100 Economics",
      "Commands": [
        "pconsole chat.say Test1",
        "say Test2"
      "Message on use (leave blank for no message)": "You recieved 100 Economics",
      "Cooldown (0 for disable - ※second※)": 10
  "Effect Settings": {
    "Enable": true,
    "SoundEffect": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/weapons/rifle_jingle1.prefab",
    "Effect": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/missing.prefab"
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 3


CommandsItem.allow - access command


  "NotExist": "<color=#d0d0d0>Item (<color=orange>{0}</color>) could not be found. Please use a valid SkinID!</color>\n<color=#5892bf>Usage: /{1} <skinid></color>",
  "UsageCI": "<color=#d0d0d0>Usage: /{0} <skinid></color>",
  "InvFull": "<color=#d0d0d0>Inventory is full. Clear some space and try again!</color>",
  "Received": "<color=yellow>[{0}] Was added to your inventory.</color>",
  "NoPerm": "<color=#d0d0d0>You dont have permission!</color>",
  "HasCooldown": "<color=yellow>{0}</color> <color=red>can be used after {1}</color>"


pconsole - player input console ex) chat.say
$player.id - player steam id
$player.name - player name
$player.x - player x location
$player.y - player y location
$player.z - player z location

@Azmo idea Thanks 😄 image, text fleids

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