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Extra Life 1.0.2

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About Extra Life

Allows players that has a certain item (with custom skin supported) to avoid death when health drops to 0 and instead regain a configureable amount of health.
The item is consumed upon usage.
The "Extra-Life" can be given with a chat command or sold via shops that support custom skinid items.


  • If the item you set in the config is in the inventory, it will not die but will be revived.


Chat Commands:

in game - /el yamang 10 Revival 100 Token
console - el yamang 10 Revival 100 Token


  "General Settings": {
    "Prefix": "[Extra-Life]",
    "SteamID": "0",
    "block Revival Zone (ZoneManager Require)": []
  "Revival Settings": {
    "Revival 100 Token": {
      "Shortname": "metal.fragments",
      "Skin": 0,
      "If Revival Heal Amount": 100.0,
      "Block Active Drop": true
    "Revival 50 Token": {
      "Shortname": "stones",
      "Skin": 0,
      "If Revival Heal Amount": 50.0,
      "Block Active Drop": true
    "Revival 10 Token": {
      "Shortname": "wood",
      "Skin": 0,
      "If Revival Heal Amount": 10.0,
      "Block Active Drop": true
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 0


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