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About Admin Anon

Enables administrators to perform administrative actions anonymously, hiding their profile when they use in-game chat as well as within the game environment, displaying 'ADMIN' instead of their nickname above their character.



/aa - Admin Anon Enable
/aa - Admin Anon Disable



adminanon.use - Enables anonymity in the game.


  "Stay Anonymous After Reconnecting": false,
  "Stay Anonymous In Team Chat": true,
  "Properties": [
      "Name": "ADMIN",
      "Better Chat Group": "admin",
      "Required Permission": "adminanon.use"

Data (example)

  "PlayerData": {
    "76561198196941415": {
      "Groups": [
      "Name": "ADMIN",
      "Better Chat Group": "admin",
      "Required Permission": "adminanon.use"

Language (EN)

  "No Permission": "<size=12>You don't have permission to use this command</size>",
  "No Profile Permission": "<size=12>You don't have permission to use this profile</size>",
  "Admin Anon Enabled": "<size=12>Admin Anon has been <color=#00fa9a>ENABLED</color></size>",
  "Admin Anon Disabled": "<size=12>Admin Anon has been <color=#00fa9a>DISABLED</color></size>",
  "Admin Anon Changed": "<size=12>Fake identity has changed to <color=#00fa9a>{0}</color></size>",
  "Requested Fake Identify Not Found": "<size=12>Requested fake identity is not found</size>",
  "No Fake Identities Available": "<size=12>No fake identities available</size></size>",
  "Fake Identify Not Found": "<size=12>Fake identity is not found</size>",
  "Data Corrupted Up": "<size=12>Data is corrupt</size>"


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