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About Motor Station

The Motor Station is a small monument where you can go to modify your vehicle and gather some loot.

It's a great location to gather some fuel for your vehicles and features two small puzzle rooms, requiring different cards.

Useful features:

  • Repair Bench
  • Mixing Table
  • Modular Car Lift
  • Food Vending Machine
  • Seed Vending Machine
  • 1 Green Card Puzzle
  • 1 Blue Card Puzzle


RustEdit spawns that do not require a puzzle to be completed:

  • 1 Green Card
  • 6 fuel barrels
  • 5 basic crates
  • 3 normal crates
  • 2 toolboxes
  • 1 food crate
  • 2 food boxes
  • 1 medical crate


RustEdit spawns that require a puzzle to be completed:

Green Puzzle:

  • 1 basic crate
  • 1 normal crate
  • 2 green crates

Blue Puzzle:

  • 2 green crates
  • 1 elite crate


Prefab count:
412 Prefab count

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