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Military Camp 1.04

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About Military Camp

Hey everyone.

Military Camp, is an open area military base designed for PvE/PvP enhancement and to place on any map, even small maps. The entire monument is about the size of the Sphere Tank (The Dome) and has Elite crates, Military crates, Normal crates, Medical and Food crates, including some barrels, Tech Part loot, and a dropzone for the Chinook helicopter event. Roaming and protecting the loot are NPC Scientists and an APC Bradley along the road.


  1. Military camp, open design, with 9 NPC spawns above ground and underground in Blue keycard room.
  2. Bradley APC patrols on the road, leading inside and outside of the camp.
  3. Multiple crates, from starter to advanced crates.
  4. Recycler, repair bench and research table found inside the camp.
  5. Chinook dropzone for Locked Crate.
  6. Underground BLUE keycard room, that gives players a RED keycard. (Requires 1x Electric Fuse, and BLUE keycard. )
  7. Great replacement for the Launchsite for smaller maps with limited space.
  8. About 1450 Prefabs in total.
  9. Multiple custom military tent designs.


When placing Military Camp, please remember to remove all previous roads/APC path spawns before you apply the "Spawn Roads" feature.

(Failure to do this may cause more than one Bradley APC to spawn and could impact server performance greatly.)

Requirements: Military Camp does required Oxide and the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll file for spawning of loot, NPC, APC and puzzles to be active.

Support: For a bonus, Military Camp now supports Static Lootables by Raul-Sorin Sorban.

Have a wonderful day, and chat again soon.


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