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Apartment Complex 1.0.0


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About Apartment Complex

Tired of those bigger buildings only letting you explore 1 floor, or just a single room!?

Slightly bigger than Sphere Tank (Dome) Monument.
Due to number of rooms/floor containing puzzles (ranging from hidden loot, IO (fuse/key card), parkour, etc) this monument far exceeds Launch Site's average clear time. Players will require several days to fully explore and clear this beast in a setting where high player traffic is expected due to the lucrative nature of its contents.

14 floors, 84 rooms total, completely accessible!
Fully modular complex that can be easily split to fit your needs!
IO (puzzles) included, parkour, loot and everything else in between!
All terrain, splats, collision, etc are taken care of!
Entities: Just under 18k for the entire complex, 7.8k per Apartment Building!

If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached on Discord: Baпaпa#7050
Door scaling has also been handled to avoid collision issues with hinged doors as shown below!




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