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About Winter's Edge (Christmas Map)

Winter's Edge is a 3800 size map meant to bring the Christmas spirit to Rust. All large and roadside monuments have been tastefully decorated with Christmas props, in order to bring the festive spirit in to the game without breaking the world immersion. The map is suitable for both PVP and PVE servers, no plugins are required. Usage of world model type prefabs has been kept to a minimum to ensure high performance.

Bonus: There are 9 pookie bears hidden at some of the large monuments, for players to find as an easter egg hunt (not lootable). See monuments list for locations.

Map Info:
Size: 3800
Entity Count: ~68k
Snow Biome: 41%
Desert Biome: 15%
Forest Biome: 37%
Tundra Biome: 7%
Monuments: 167
Ice Lakes: 5
Rivers: 3
Caves: 4 (2x Small Easy 1x Small Hard 1x Large Sewers Hard)
Swamps: 3

FacePunch Monuments:
Lighthouse (2x)
Small Harbor (1 pookie bear to be found)
Large Harbor
Launch Site (2 pookie bears to be found)
Military Tunnels
Nuclear Missile Silo
Powerplant (1 pookie bear to be found)
Trainyard (1 pookie bear to be found)
Ferry Terminal (1 pookie bear to be found)
Water Treatment (1 pookie bear to be found)
Sphere Tank (1 pookie bear to be found)
Bandit Town (Xmas version)
Sewer Branch (1 pookie bear to be found)
Satellite Dish
Outpost (Xmas version)
Large Oilrig
Small Oilrig
Arctic Research Base A
Military Base
Large Fishing Village (Xmas version)
Small Fishing Vilalge (2x) (Xmas version)
Quarries (HQM, Stone, Sulfur)

Custom Additions:
Sledding Hill (Has a small buildable area so players can place sleds.)
Road Tunnel (2x)
Road Bridge


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