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Seren Island 1.0.2

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About Seren Island

Seren Island is a 4k custom map. That was made and splat painted in World Creator, because of it map have barren vibes. Big open spaces in the middle of the map with many lakes. Wider beaches for clan bases or raidable base plugin to work without problems. You can find 2 bigger and few smaller monuments on the map. Underground rail system is connected to both Oil rigs.

Custom Monuments:

Star Port: Large scale monument with big variation of loot and blue card room.

Crawler: Medium scale monument with up to tier2 loot and blue card desk.

Camp Ruins: Small scale monuments that can be found along the road.


Original Monuments:

1. Underwater Labs
2. Fishing Village 1.2.3
3. Harbor 1
4. Harbor 2
5. Airfield
6. Arctic Research Base
7. Junkyard
8. Military Tunnel
9. Power Plant
11.Sewer Branch
12.Satellite Dish
13.Launch Site
14.Lighthouse 3
15.Abandoned Military Base
16.Water Treatment Plant
17.Giant Excavator Pit
18.The Dome
19.Bandit Camp
20.Oil Rig 1
21.Oil Rig 2

Customer can modify map; password will be included into Zip file.

Be aware of the TOS-Restrictions, map can't be sold or transferred to 3rd parties

If you gonna have some questions, contact me: PT EliRival (Eli) #9320

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