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PortsIsland 1.0.1

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About PortsIsland

Presenting 4500 custom map that was made in World Creator and then finished in Rust Edit. Map has all main monuments, caves etc.

You will get 2 versions of the map, they are the same except that one of them "PortsIsland Raid Islands" has 12 small islands 120 meters diameter for spawning raid bases. 

Spawn points could be added in the middle of those islands so players could raid them without any issues and main island stays cleaner and fps friendly.

Underground rail system is connected with each Oil rig for more interesting travel and fights.

Surface train system has some custom monuments "Rail-Shelter" where you can find not only barrels and crates but recycler and blackjack tables to.

Deep in woods you can come across the "Swamp Camp" it has all kind of stuff, from barrels to crates.

By the shore in desert biome standing "Nova Industries" custom harbor, it has blue card room and lots of places to wonder a round, but be careful, its guarded by scientists. 


Custom Monuments!!! 

1. Rail Shelter- Its total six of them that are located a long side with train tracks. They have same function as road monuments, recycler/crates/barrels and plus blackjack can be found inside.

2. Swamp Camp- 3 of them are standing hidden in the woods, they have barrels/crates waiting to be collected.

3. Nova Industries- Biggest custom monument in the map, train tracks go through it.  But choose wise your stop because it's guarded by scientists. Monument have barrels/different kind of crates and completed with blue card room. 


Original Monuments!!!

1. Airfield

2. Giant excavator pit

3. Military Tunnel

4. Launch site

5. Water treatment plant

6. Power plant

7. Train yard

8. Abandoned military base

9. Sewer branch

10. Junkyard

11. Satellite dish

12. Arctic research base

13.  Harbor 1

14. Harbor 2

15. Outpost

16. Bandit Camp

17. Large barn

18. Ranch

19. Fishing village 1.2.3

20. Lighthouse 3

21. Road monuments

22. Oil rig 1

23. Oil rig 2

24. Different size caves 


Customer can modify map; password will be included into Zip file.

Be aware of the TOS-Restrictions, map can't be sold or transferred to 3rd parties

If you going to have some questions, contact me: PT EliRival (Eli) #9320

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