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About Voxi Island

Voxi Island is a small 2500 map that have almost all original monuments inside, giving opportunity for fast looting and combat phase . Its both for pvp and pve because after downloading the map you will get 2 versions of it. One with custom monuments and other without , so you can choose which one to use. Custom map has just round 4700 entities.

Custom Monuments:

Office- Big two story building that holds green card table and up to tier 2 loot.

PT Station- Abandoned sea station with tier 2 loot that is guarded 

Map has houses for players to build inside they are marked  H on map


Original Monuments:

1. Underwater Labs
2. Fishing Village 1.2.3
3. Harbor 1
4. Harbor 2
5. Airfield
6. Arctic Research Base
7. Junkyard
8. Military Tunnel
9. Outpost
10. Sewer Branch
11. Satellite Dish
12. Launch Site
13. Lighthouse 3
14. Abandoned Military Base
15. Water Treatment Plant
16. Giant Excavator Pit
17. The Dome
18. Bandit Camp
19. Oil Rig 1
20. Oil Rig 2

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