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About Necrosiis

You can't buy this map on this website anymore.

I changed it because I don't want to participate anymore to the enrichment of some people here with my stuff, but not wanting to delete my page so that my customers can continue to download the updates, so the only solution was to disable the possibility to buy it here.
But as the master say this thing is "subjest to change".

If you want to buy this map, just do a simple search on google with "rust necrosiis map", you will find the second site where I sell my stuff.

You can also join my discord and send me a private message to have more info : https://discord.gg/kcUm5SX

Necrosiis is my very first map, I spent a lot of time to have a precise, balanced, beautiful map, whether on Rust IO or in player view.
A balance between classic and custom monuments, build places that change from procedural maps, and at the same time a light map that can be used by all.

Come and discover the island of a god worshipped by its cannibal inhabitants who became zombies after their death.




● Infected Dock 
  - Blue and red puzzle with 1 fuse and a bonus loot green card room.
  - Scientist on the dock
  - Scarecrew in the futuristic inside rooms.  

● Bandit Cave 
  - In the middle of a canyon
  - Green puzzle no fuse

● Underground Way 
  - Red puzzle
  - Enter from tunnel
  - Exit from cave

● Little Blue Road
  - A small monuments with green and blue puzzle
  - 2 scientists
  - Underground room

● Cannibal Village
  - Few loot in cabins
  - Lots of scarecrew
  - Underground sacrifice room

● Canyon control room
  - Small blue puzzle


- Canyons
- Ice Rings
- Middle Lake Oil Rig
- Skull fall
- Lots of islands

- Launch Site
- Power Plant
- Water Treatment
- The Dome
- Oil Rigs
- Airfield
- Train Yard
- Sewer Branch
- Bandit Camp
- Outpost
- 1 Stable
- 3 Boats Shop Monuments
- Underwater Labs
- Underground train tunnels
- Abandonned Military Camp

Map size : 3500

If you have any question you can contact me as follows


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