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About Helheim Island : The Last Bastion

Helheim Island: The Last Bastion is a 3800km map made by Keirox Custom Maps, one of the first map makers of Rust's history. Vanilla by default, moddable as you wish. The map is being worked on actively and getting updates regulary. Here is a video that will be very helpfull to know everything about the map !



The map is optimized for performance. Prefabs count: 41500

Monuments list :

CUSTOM : Helheim Airport, Helheim Powerplant, Hospital, Cathedral, Catacombs, Airbus Crashsite, The Refuge, Mines, Mines B, Laboratory

FACEPUNCH : Missile Silo, Sewer Branch, Ferry Terminal, Small Harbor, Train Yard, Abandoned Supermarket, Oxium Gas Station, Mining Outpost, Artic Research Base, Stone/Sulfur/HQM Quarry, Underwater Lab, Bandit Camp, Fishing Villages

This map is protected by a provided plugin. You can still edit the map with the provided files.

The goal is that this map goes right into Facepunch's official servers in the future!

My website: https://rust-keiroxcustommaps.com

Discord (with over 2000 members): https://discord.gg/Yec8RP6




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