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Exclusion Island Custom Map 1.0.1

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About Exclusion Island Custom Map


This 3500 map offers a unique layout with vast possibilities for your gameplay experience. At its core is a central island where building is permitted, featuring two ferry terminals, subway access, and an entrance monument bridge. Surrounding this central island is a ring island that houses all of Facepunch's monuments along with additional space for future monuments.

The map is designed to support a variety of gameplay scenarios, allowing you to tailor the experience to your preferences. Here are a few example scenarios:

1. Zombie Outbreak: Zombies are confined to the monument ring island, creating a dangerous perimeter around the central island and risk when looting monuments. (Suggested Plugin Zombie Horde)
2. Virus Outbreak: Introduce a virus scenario that players must navigate and survive. (Suggested Plugin Injuries And Diseases)
3. Radiation Fallout: The ring island can be constantly radiated, or you can implement a roaming radiation zone that travels around the ring island. (Suggested Plugin Freak Radiation)
4. Mixed PVP/PVE Server: Designate the central island as a PVE safe zone for player living areas, while the ring monument island remains a PVP zone for intense battles. (Suggested Plugin Zone Manager)

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The true potential of this map lies in your creativity and the variety of plug-ins you choose to use. Customize it to fit your vision and create a truly unique server experience.
Fully custom terrain that brings a unique look to your server.

Two Versions Of The Map Included.

To let you play the map the way you prefer, I've included two versions: one that allows building only on the central core island, and another that permits building across the entire map.

Included Plugin
The plugin is an all-in-one mix comprising three custom plugins specifically designed for use exclusively on this map. It offers a range of features, from custom signs and blood to graffiti textures all made by me. Additionally, it prevents the cargo ship from sailing through the island if it’s located within the ring when it intends to depart. Moreover, it powers the swing bridge for seamless functionality.

This map features a large railway that has a one line running around the map with full compatibility with cargo train event as well as a link from the surface to the underground railway

Yes, you are allowed to edit the map and add stuff etc.

Custom NPC @ Custom Monuments
Normal RustEdit Scientist’s have been replaced with my own set of NPC’S from the various factions from the rust world (Normal Scientist, Arctic Scientist, Tunnel Dweller and Underwater Dweller) if you do not like my NPC’s simply don’t install the plug-in and supply your own with any bot plugin you want.


  1. Airfield
  2. Arctic Research Base
  3. Bandit Camp
  4. Dome
  5. Gas Station
  6. Giant Excavator Pit
  7. Harbor
  8. Junkyard
  9. Large Oil Rig
  10. Launch Site
  11. Lighthouse
  12. Military Tunnels
  13. Outpost
  14. Power Plant
  15. Quarry (Sulfur, Stone, HQM)
  16. Satellite Dish
  17. Sewer Branch
  18. Small Oil Rig
  19. Supermarket
  20. Train Yard
  21. Underwater Labs
  22. Water Treatment Plant
  23. Fishing Village
  24. Abandoned Supermarket
  25. Oxum’s Gas Station
  26. Nuclear Silo (Missile Silo)
  27. Abandoned Desert Base
  28. Gateway Entrance (Custom Monument)
  29. Early Warning Satellites (Custom Monument)
  30. Soft Drinks Factory (Custom Monument)

Help And Contact
If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210#2553

For help/support my discord group is best: Join RustMapsByRobJ Discord


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