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About Vault Door + Vault Entry

36 sliding blast doors arranged in a circle to simulate a vault door and opens with a circular effect.

  • in the original version, all parts like generator, timerswitch and wheelswitch are so arranged, that an easy editing is possible
  • in the compact version, all parts are "compressed" for better placement
  • includes a custom vault entry with integrated vault door, as cave entrance, ready to use

To setting up the vault door, you just have to connect your power source to the timerswitch input and a switch, pressbutton or whatever to the timerswitch trigger.

First place the door, where you want it to be and break it afterwards to connect your power output and trigger.

In the tutorial video linked below I show how to combine the vault door with my keylock computer.


Also available at: https://rust-custom-designs.biz/


Demo Video



Tutorial Video



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