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About Large Wooden Oilrig

The Large Oilrig was rebuilt entirely of wood from bottom to top, including scientists and loot crates.

If you found any bug, glitch, please¬†report it on Discord by sending a message to @Disguise#1196. Thank you!¬†ūü•≥

The small one will be available too!




Due to limitations of RUST and Rustedit, there might be some issues in the followings:

‚Ä£ CH47 (Chinook) event is disabled.
    CH47 (Chinook) event is disabled, will not be available due an error in Rust,
it causes an error which kick and kills players if they attempt to hack the oilrig. In order to prevent that,
the CH47 event is disabled. (waiting for fix)

‚Ä£ Not visible from far away.
    The monument will not be visible from far away. Some of the sockets are visible, but not the whole monument.

‚Ä£ Scientist loot.
    Scientists will give you Military Tunnel scientist lootdrops.

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