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Advanced Rust Pop Watcher 1.8.3

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About Advanced Rust Pop Watcher

  - Multi server - You can add as many servers that you want to the config!
  - Fully Customizable - You can change the players joining message, queued message, and regular message!
  - Global bot - There is also a global pop bot that will display the pop of all of your servers combined.
  - Dynamically changing status - The bots status will go to do not disturb mode when the server is offline, idle when the data is being loaded, and online when it is actively updating the servers pops.
  - Threshold message -  When your server is under a certain % of the max players allowed on the server it will not show the pop of the server, instead it will show the message that you set in the config!
  - Server status messages - The bot can also send a message to discord when your server(s) go offline and online.
  - Very simple config 

  - Dynamic Pop Cap Changer

   When your server gets to a certain amount of players away from the max allowed players it will increase the max amount of players allowed
   This will work the same way with decreasing the max amount of players allowed.

   You can set the max the cap is allowed to go to, so it cannot increase over x amount for the player cap, and cannot decrease under x amount for the player cap
   You can also not allow it to increase the player count if the server is under x amount of FPS. 


Just fill in the very minimal things in the config and start up the bot and you're good to go.

Steps to install:
If you want the bot to run 24/7 you will need a VPS or bot hosting node.
Hosting recommendation -> https://pebblehost.com/bot-hosting

Once you have your bot node, upload all the files that are given to you into the file section of your bot node.

From there all you need to do is edit the config.json file with all the proper information and you're good to go!

Any questions, please feel free to join my support server and I'll be more than happy to help you!


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