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About Town

A nice looking town can work with the Hotel Plugin (it is not 100% compatible yet since it has 2 doors and the plugin only uses one door) or by its own.

To make it work with the Hotel plugin just place codelocks on main entrance in every hose and place normal locks on the rest of the doors to avoid unwanted visitors.

The town has 18 houses. Each house comes with a nice yard where you can build on, you can build inside the house aswell. Also all the houses come with several prefabs like lights, bed, tables, etc. All the huses have a helipad on top.

You can only build inside the house and in the yard, everything else is blocked, makes it perfect for roleplay, pve or even pvp.

If you want to use it as an arena just block all the doors with locks.


Tip: First apply the splat, then the height (in case you need to adjust the prefab to the splat).

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