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Tool Gun Rework 1.0.0

$10.00 · Renewal Term: $2.00/6 months

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About Tool Gun Rework

The Tool Gun now destroys deployed entities and constructions.


  • A Tool Cupboard in range is required to be allowed to destroy deployed entities and constructions.
  • Only players authorized on the Tool Cupboard are allowed to destroy entities.


  • "isLoggingToConsole: true" will send log message to console.
  • "damagePercentage: 5.0" make the Tool Gun inflicts 5% of the maximum health of the entities per hit.
  • "doRefund: true" will refund (in resources) the value of the destroyed entity.
    • It only refunds if the player who destroyed the entity is the owner of this entity.
  • "refundPercentage: 100.0" is the amount (in percentage) the player will get in refund.

Demonstration: Video coming soon...

Live test: You can try all my public plugins on my servers at https://Rust.Maelep.be

  • This plugin is available on the following servers:
    • Maelust: Extended Official,
    • Maelust: Wildman,
    • Maelust: Escape From Rust.


  • The first purchase gives you access to download the plugin and updates for 6 months.
  • After these 6 months, if you still want to benefit from new updates, you will have to unlock the download access again but at a reduced cost (10%).


  • Bugs because of my script will always be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Bugs because of uMod or Rust changes will be fixed as soon as possible but I'm not responsible for the inability to continue to maintain the plugin due to incompatibility. No refund will be made.
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