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Team Voice Chat 1.0.2

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About Team Voice Chat

Team Voice Chat

Adds a private voice chat system for teams and clans just like the in-game private text chat for teams but for voices.

Allow users with the correct permissions to use voice chat and only be heard by their teammate in their Rust team or people in their clan!

What does the Team Voice Chat do?

Team Voice Chat limits who can hear your voice to only people in your team or clan. It integrates with the vanilla team system or the clan plugin on Umod https://umod.org/plugins/clans

How do I use it?

There are several ways to use team voice chat by configuring the config or by setting up permissions.

You can set all voice chats to be through the team system.
You can set people with specific permission to be able to use the team voice chat
and you can allow people with specific permission to toggle between team voice chat and normal voice chat.

If users are not in a team they will use the normal voice chat system. Telephones work the same as well


You can optionally use the clan's plugin instead of the Rust team system however it's not recommended


/teamvoice - toggle between on and off for team chat. Require the permission "TeamVoiceChat.toggle" This command will grant the user the permission "TeamVoiceChat.enabled"


TeamVoiceChat.toggle -> allows users to use the /teamvoice chat command

TeamVoiceChat.enabled -> If a user has this permission they will use the Team Voice Chat system as long as they are in a team.

Lang Support

Full oxide language support has been added


UseClansPlugin -> Set this to true to use the Umod clans plugin. There will be extra performance overhead with this option enabled

EnableForAll -> Set this to true if you want to ignore the permission system and instead set every player to use the team voice chat feature

CustomVoiceRange -> The range for team voice chat to work from. Increasing the value from the default will have no effect as voices get quiet on the client-side. Reducing it will say you want team voice chat to only work in a very close radius


Compatibility with other voice plugins

This plugin will not work with other voice plugins

Icon for the plugin
https://icon-library.com/icon/voice-chat-icon-12.html.html>Voice Chat Icon # 257438

Need to contact me for issues or private work mrcameron999#0001 on Discord

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