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About King Of The Hill Event

King Of The Hill is an event plugin that will automatically spawn a base of your choice randomly on the map. Either manually by command or automatically every x seconds. This base can then be raided to claim the loot or held down if you choose to put a locked crate into the base. This creates a King of the kill style event.  The possibilities are endless with how you choose to use this plugin and you can cater it for your community/server type. The plugin offers a vanilla feel with nothing too over the top or confusing for new players. It can work with every type of server.

Example use cases

Locked crate idea - Spawn a base with a locked crate on it. Players will have to defend the locked crate from other players. Maybe they have to raid a bit to get to the locked crate.
Radiable base idea - Spawn an armoured base with some turrets and maybe scientists around it. First to raid and loot it gets all the loot!
A wooden base - Make a small wooden base that can be easily raided with basic loot inside.
A base that can be raided and taken over - Make a strong base that could be raided and claimed as their own base.

As you can see the possibilities are endless and you can create every style of event you would like it to be!


This plugin requires the Copy Paste Plugin that can be found here. Please ensure you have the most up to date version of this plugin.
uMod - Copy Paste by misticos


This plugin can also use uMod - GUI Announcements by JoeSheep

How to create bases?

Bases can be built like how you normally would in Rust. To save your base design you then use the copy and paste plugin to copy your base design. The copy-paste plugin is required for this plugin to work. Once copied add the building name (the name of the file you just copied) into your config. You can have as many bases as you would like.
As you can not place or copy entities such as scientists, locked crates and loot crates that spawn at monuments you can configure items to be replaced with entities when the bases are pasted in when the event starts. There is no limit on what you can spawn it but be careful with what you choose to spawn in as it may not work as you expect!

As shown in the You Tube Video above I have set Pookie bears to be replaced with Locked Crates(This is in the default config) as well as some other items to swap to scientists and Elite crates. In the config you will see three examples you can add your own or tweak the existing ones. You can find the name of the prefab here RUST Prefab List - Full List for 2022 - Corrosion Hour or by ent killing a prefab it will output its full name into the console.



/startkoth - This command will start the king of the hill event imediatly and will not impact the timer of the auto event.
/startkoth here - This command will start the king of the hill event imediatly where you are standing and will do fewer checks to ensure that the spot is valid. Again does not impact the auto timer
/startkoth “buildingName” – This command will start the king of the hill event imediatly with the building name you specified. You can also use the here argument in this command but make sure you don’t name your building “here”


KOTH.use - This permission allows people to use the /startkoth command

Config File

  "AutoEventEnabled" - Will the plugin start the event automatically every x seconds (X is a random number taken from between MaxAutoTimeInSeconds and MinAutoTimeInSeconds)

  "BuildingNames" - The list of the building names that should be used for the event. You can have 1 or more and a random one will be chosen each time. YOU MUST REPLACE THE CONFIG SETTING FOR THIS WITH YOUR BUILDING NAMES

  "CollisionCheckRadius" - The radius to check for collsisions when attempting to paste the base. Do not set this to 0 if AutoEventEnabled is set to true as bases may spawn in strange places and clip into rocks.

  "DestoryMapMarkerAfterXSeconds" - When the event starts a red marker is displayed on the map. Set how long this map marker should be on the map for

  "GuiAnnouncmentBGColor" - The colour to use for the GUI announcement if installed and enabled.

  "GuiAnnouncmentTextColor":  The colour to use for the GUI announcement text colour if installed and enabled.

  "GuiEnnouncmentEnabled" - Set weather gui anouncment should be enabled or disabled. (If you dont have the plugin set this to false to increase performance)

  "MaxAutoTimeInSeconds" - The max time before a new event will start if AutoEventEnabled is set to true

  "MinAutoTimeInSeconds" The min time before a new event will start if AutoEventEnabled is set to true

  "ReplaceOverrides" The list of entities that should be replaced and what they should be replaced by.

  "maxHeightDifferenceAround" - Set the max height difference around the area the base is going to paste. Set this higher to allow more freedom but may get bases spawning in the air if the plugin is struggling to find a good spot. Set it lower if you have bases spawning in the air(recommend 3-5)

Lang Support

This plugin supports lang files. There are only two messages
- BroadcastMessage - The message to be shown in the chat
- GUIAnnouncmentMessage - The message to be shown if using the guianouncment plugin and it has been enabled in the settings.


Will the base decay? - The base will not de-spawn through this plugin instead let the games natural decay system take place. If you are setting a tool cupboard in the base ensure that you don't put too many resources or the base may take too long to decay.
Do you have to have a tc in your build? - You do not have to have a tool cuboard in your base design its up to how you want the event to play. Do you want people to be able to build? Do you want people to be able to build only if they raid the tc? Or do you not want them to build at all? (Check youtube video for example of how that is done by spawning the tc under the map)


If you require assistance please directly reach out to me on Discord. mrcameron999#0001 I will respond a lot faster than using other forms of support.

Plugin icon credit: https://www.flaticon.com/free-icons/top Top icons created by Freepik - Flaticon

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