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Custom Explosive Weapons 1.0.8

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About Custom Explosive Weapons

Explosive Weapons

This plugin adds 10 new explosive weapons all with custom icons!
4 new rocket launcher variants
6 new grenades


So what weapons do you get?

Check out the video above if you don't like reading. All weapons are shown in there


The Jericho missile - Inspired by Tony Stark himself. "They say that the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. ... I prefer the weapon you only have to fire once" This is definitely that.

Heat Seeker - This is a custom rocket launcher that launches a rocket. It will look on to any player that is near where you are aiming. (Only players). The rocket will follow the player until its blows up

Follow Rocket - This is a custom rocket launcher that launches a rocket that heads to where you are looking. Bend the rocket to where you want it to go.

Javalin - This is a custom rocket launcher that launches a rocket straight up into the air after a few seconds it rapidly descends to your target. The target is located where you are looking and marked with a flare.

Flashbang - A custom f1 grenade. Acts like any flashbang in any other game causing the players screen to flash white for a configurable amount of seconds

Healing - A custom f1 grenade. This grenade is the only grenade to not kill but instead heals all players around it with a passive heal along with an instant heal. It will also pick up any downed players

Impact Nade - A custom 1 grenade. When this grenade hits something it detonates

Multi Nade - A custom f1 grenade. Apon destination 4 other grenades spawn around it.  Inspired from Valaront

Molotov Cocktail - A custom bean can. This grenade explodes on impact and spawns fire around where it lands

Stun Grenade - A custom f1 grenade. This grenade stuns all players for a brief duration causing them to all go to the downstate and be extremely vulnerable while in this state


How can I use this plugin with my server?

Each weapon has a skin attached to it. You can use any loot plugin and add these weapons to your loot tables along with the skin ids. All skin ids can be found in the config file and this allows you to only add the weapons you want. Alternatively, there is a command to spawn each grenade for admins.




The following commands gives the player who typed it the corresponding weapon











/GiveAll - gives all weapons


“explosiveweapons.admin” gives access to all commands

“explosiveweapons.notarget” Players with this permission can not be targeted by the seeker missile


jerichoBigRocketCount - How many big rockets to spawn. Do not set this lower than 1

 jerichoSmallRocketCount - How many small rockets to spawn per big rocket. Do not set this lower than 1

jerichoXSize - How wide the rockets should spawn. Make this low to make the rockets land more condensed

jerichoYSize - How spread the rockets should spawn in front and behind the target point

maxRangeForJerichoAndJavalin - max range the javelin and Jericho can target.

scatterSize - How wide apart to spawn the four grenades for the Multi Nade. They will spawn through walls

flashDuration - How long players should be flashed for

jericoDestroyOnShoot - Should the rocket launcher break when they shoot the Jericho missile

heatSeekerDestroyOnShoot - Should the rocket launcher break when they shoot the Heat Seeker

followDestroyOnShoot - Should the rocket launcher break when they shoot the Follow Rocket

javalinDestroyOnShoot  - Should the rocket launcher break when they shoot the Javalin
instaHealAmount - How much hp to instant heal from the heal nade

passiveHealAmount - How much hp to heal over time from the heal nade

stunDuration - How long for players to be stunned for

spawnFlares – Should flare spawn on the Jericho and the javalin?

The remaining 10 config items are the skins to be used for each weapon. They can be changed if you would like and they are also the ids used to add items to your loot table

Default skin values

jericoSkin = 2656578790
seekerSkin = 2657299588
trackSkin = 2657312965
javalin = 2657315108
multiGrenadeSkin = 2657418159
molatoveGrenade = 2657408625
flashBangSkin = 2657412999
healingSkin = 2657414983
impactNadeSkin = 2657418820
stunGrenadeSkin = 2657417547

Need to contact me for issues or private work mrcameron999#0001 on Discord

Here is a exmaple of how one customer is using it (not in english)

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