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Simple Radar 1.3.0

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About Simple Radar

Simple Radar is an advanced, performance-optimized plugin for Rust, designed to enhance server administration and gameplay experience. This plugin provides real-time information about players, stashes, and tool cupboards, making it an essential tool for admins.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Player Tracking: Displays players' names, distances, and health status, along with a unique team color indicator for easy differentiation.
  • Stash and Tool Cupboard ESP: Identify the locations and distances of stashes and tool cupboards effortlessly.
  • Voice Transmission Indicator: A new feature that signals when players are transmitting voice, adding a strategic layer to gameplay.
  • Player Vision Arrows: Visual arrows show the direction in which players are looking, offering tactical insights for admins.
  • Configurable Settings: Tailor the radar with adjustable refresh rates, visibility distance, and more through an easy-to-use configuration file.
  • Efficient and Performant: Built with performance in mind, ensuring smooth gameplay even on busy servers.


/radar: Activates radar for players with a default 1-second refresh rate and 250m range.

/radar <refresh rate>: Sets a custom refresh rate for player radar.

/radar <refresh rate> <distance>: Customizes both refresh rate and distance for the radar.

/radar <refresh rate> <distance> <players/stashes/all>: Extends radar functionality to include players, stashes, or all entities.


  "Make players with moderatorid not see players with ownerid": true,
  "Enable player vision arrows": false,
  "Add a voice indicator for players who are tansmitting voice": true,
  "Show voice indicator for x seconds after speaking": 2.0,
  "Minimum allowed radar refresh rate": 1.0,
  "Maximum radar distance": 250.0

Why Choose Simple Radar?

Simple Radar was built with performance in mind!

No Permissions Required: Simple and straightforward to use without complex permission setups.


Join our Discord for support and community interaction: https://discord.gg/YnbYaugRMh




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