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Semtex 0.0.8

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About Semtex



This plugin converts the boring old F1 Grenade into a powerhouse!  But... you can scale the Damage output, Splash Damage, And Range, So you are always in control.

Give your players a new tool to Raid (or blow themselves up) with, The plugin checks the Semtex item, and adds the custom properties. 

Stick feature and Beeps that increase in speed on stick until Detonation to simulate the "Semtex" Grenade.

The Semtex can be setup to be spawned in whatever crate you choose, I have it set to elite in default config. 

Spawn Chance, and Min Max Spawn can be set as well.

Every Server has different tastes and settings so feel free to make this Grenade yours Via Config.

Perms to use need Semtex.Use Permission, Commands either require Admin Auth or Rcon Access.



  "Explosion Damage": 500,
  "Splash Damage": 200,
  "Explosion Radius": 2,
  "Crate To Spawn In": "crate_elite",
  "Crate Chance (Out of 100%)": 50,
  "Minimum In Crate": 1,
  "Maximum in Crate": 3





/spawnsemtex - Will deposit semtex to your inventory. - admin only 

/givesemtex "player" amount - Will send that player the specified amount of semtex. -admin only


givesemtextto "player" amount - Will send that player the specified amount of semtex.


3031605679 - SKINID








If help is ever needed and I am off site feel free to reach me on discord - WrecksOnTheBeat

Thank you for viewing!

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