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About Real Time

The game time is similar to real time depending of the longitude and latitude of the chosen location.


  • Time is UTC, you can configure your timezone.
    • The sun will rise on the server at the sunrise time of your location.
    • The sun will set on the server at the sunset time of your location.
    • The sun will be at noon when it's noon.
    • ...
  • You can choose the sunrise/sunset time using latitude and longitude of the location you want.
  • The parameter "doClearNight: true" (by default) allows you to freeze the game time a few minutes after sunset and a few minutes before sunrise so you can enjoy a lightly lit night for playing at night AND keep the usefulness of Night Vision Goggles.

Live test: You can try all my public plugins on my servers at https://Rust.Maelep.be

  • This plugin is available on the following servers:
    • Maelust: Extended Official,
    • Maelust: Wildman,
    • Maelust: Escape From Rust.


The customers benefits from a 28-day warranty from the date of the last sell of the plugin. This warranty covers bugs related to the script and, as far as possible, bugs related to Rust and uMod updates.


  • Bugs because of my script will always fixed as soon as possible.
  • Bugs because of uMod or Rust changes will be fixed as soon as possible but I'm not responsible for the inability to continue to maintain the plugin due to incompatibility. No refund will be made.

Credit: Icon of the plugin by Freepik on flaticon.

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